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Head Massage

Intra-oral Massage Therapy can help prevent  facial fatigue, jaw pain, grinding and more...



TMJ class

Ashley Urquhart, LMBT #15165 received her accreditation by National Board of Therapeutic Massage Bodywork in 2020. (#1000539) She is highly trained in Intraoral Temporomandibular Joint Massage Therapy. She has helped a plethora of clients who suffered from ringing in the ears, lockjaw, headaches, upper back pain and more.


I noticed my clients would come in with very similar complaints. They would have upper back pain and headaches. Sound familiar? Incorrect posture puts strain on the temporomandibular joint. Some people might not think they have TMJ issues, but you will be surprised! I can help you prevent these discomforts.

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Description: Intra-oral massage therapy is a safe and effective way to release unreachable fatigued muscles inside the mouth that may cause headaches, jaw tension, and upper back pain. Participants will gain knowledge of the anatomy of the major skull bones and muscles. They will comprehend the symptoms and  causes associated with TMJ dysfunction. We will focus on the neck, face, chest, back, shoulders, and hips.

Students will know how to focus on measuring TMJ range, releasing trigger points in the hip region and creating journals for clients.


Cancellation Policy

Class Exchanges are accepted. Please email to switch a class date. All transactions are final. If you feel you need a refund, please email me 2 weeks before your registered class date.

No call no shows can't request refunds. Thanks!

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To register, please take the time to fill out the information below. Please note: This is a non-payment registration. 

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Limited class sizes due to COVID-19. Safety protocols: mask required, temperature check, and handwashing before contact.

MT Banquets

MT Banquets

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